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[Resolved] A319 Icing

Alexander Gornakov

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Alexander Gornakov

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong. Would never say this in irl, but I took the 319 through severe icing conditions and at most I got ECAM messages, some icing textures on the tail and top of the fuselage, icing on the engines....but that's about it. Flew through those conditions with no A/I protection on and didn't see anything develop on the wings or on the ice detection probe by the cockpit. Maybe I have something turned off that should be on? I also didn't notice any degradation of a/s or flight characteristics after 10 minutes of sustained flight through those conditions with ECAM messages detecting "SEVER" ice.


WX conditions were as per the temps indicated, heavy precipitation, severe icing. Was using the default weather engine not AS. Does that make a difference?




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Romain Roux


Regarding the icing on the wings, I may be wrong but I'm suspecting the fuel heat to prevent icing. What was the fuel temperature in your condition? If the fuel is above zero it may take more than 10 minutes to get below zero because of the inertia due to the quantity in the wings and the fact that the fuel is re-heated via with the oil in the exchangers.

As for the degradation of the flight characteristics, it makes sense that you don't feel nothing since the most sensitive effect comes from the icing on the wings which you don't have.

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Andrew Wilson
Was using the default weather engine not AS. Does that make a difference?

Yes - at this time, AS is required. Or by using default snow. We do have plans to update that moving forward so that this is not dependant on AS.
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