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Random Screenshot Thread

Tobias Gövert

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Norman Blackburn

Time once again for Sharks on Tour.  @Duncan MacKellar and I terrorise the friendly skies once more.  This time we are trying to stay out of trouble betweenn Bristol and Tenerife.








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Gregory Verba
9 hours ago, Nikita Gerasimov said:

@Gregory Verba Hello Gregory, please tell me how you get so bright cockpit in this shot? As I can see this is EA with legasy clouds and HB-Textures? In these conditions I get a terribly dark cockpit.


Hi Nikita,

I am using mine VC textures. You can find them here:


5 hours ago, Marvin Toepfer said:


Thanks a lot Marvin! Appreciate your feedback :)

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Christopher Bourke

Loading up EC-NNY from Gregory Verba (top man!) at LEPA off to LFRS.



Dodgy RNAV approach into 21..


Sim decided to DXGI crash me when i tried the return... 3 times in a row :P


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Christopher Bourke

Picked up EFHK on an ORBX sale for just £13, EFHK - ESSA (and the return!)



Low visibility, icing conditions into Stockholm as per usual.



But still arrived safely into Stockholm. Got dark very quick afterwards, so not many shots of the return.


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I'm looking for someone to test my livery before release, send me a message on the forum if interested !

Prepar3D 2021-10-30 12-53-54.png

Prepar3D 2021-10-30 12-55-42.png

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Tom van der Elst

About to leave Bodo for Rhodos.


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Alexander Polcher
22 minutes ago, Matth1a5 Knu€tt€l said:

Hmm, didn't you forget something in the pictures?

To mention who modified Frankfurt? ;)

Finishing MUC-ACE-MUC before shutting down the sim for a couple of months. Let's hope the A3XX will be revealed until then.

2021-10-31 08_45_49-Greenshot.png

2021-10-31 08_50_14-Greenshot.png

2021-10-31 09_36_20-Greenshot.png

2021-10-31 11_15_02-Greenshot.png

2021-10-31 12_45_33-Greenshot.png

2021-10-31 12_48_43-Greenshot.png

2021-10-31 14_10_01-Greenshot.png

2021-10-31 17_22_55-Greenshot.png

2021-10-31 18_01_41-Greenshot.png

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