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Support Ticket System Offline

Jose Ignacio Rodriguez

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Jose Ignacio Rodriguez

Hello Everyone,

I've contacted the support team due to an issue with my serial number, and while I've received an email with the ticket number, it appears that the Support Ticket System is offline. Does anybody have any information on this, or any news regarding when it can be back online, please?




Many thanks in advance,


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Lefteris Kalamaras


it does say you can email us at support (at) flightsimlabs (dot) com and we're handling those emails within the normal support times.

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Jose Ignacio Rodriguez

Hi Lefteris, 

Yes you are right, I just meant if there is a way to track the ticket status, which is why I asked about the support ticket being offline.

Anyway, thanks very much for your swift reply.


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Sabine Meier
16 minutes ago, Attilio Cardone said:


Is this the email for support support[at]flightsimlabs[dot]com? there are no points and @?

@ is equal to at and dot is equal to .

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