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Marc Ehnle

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As such, we have decided to try a different approach.

Beginning with the forthcoming update to our A320-X product, we have decided that we are going to put our trust in you entirely.  While our product installer will still ask you for the serial number issued to you after purchase, we will be eliminating all additional validation that was previously occurring at product run-time.

Does this protect the product as much as requiring periodic validation? No.

Does this mean pirates can copy and share the product more easily? Absolutely.

Unfortunately, commercial piracy will always exist and it has a tremendous impact on all software companies' bottom lines, including our own. As a company, we are taking a real risk in making our software significantly more vulnerable to piracy. However, until such time as we find an up-to-date, alternative method that can be used in a modern 64-bit environment AND causes no validation problems for our legitimate customers, we have decided to go with this approach, allowing us to once again focus entirely on innovation and new simulation features.



thank you.

This is actually how all the other companies (have to, unfortunately) survive, too and this is the best you could have done now. I personally was about to get the 319 from Aerosoft. Not because of its features or their approach to use what FSL has made wrong (from your customers' POV) but because I want an A319 and was so upset about the latest ongoing farce in social media. 

While one can read on youtube that product piracy all the time gets justified with the prizing of the products (yours, PMDG, whoever who makes that in-depth addons) that's complete nonsense. It exists because those people are simply criminals. Breaking into houses and stealing. Nothing else and I honestly hope that one day the internet will turn around on this aspect and will make legal actions worth their effort to get those [the word is probably not allowed]. 

While I have always understood your effort to protect your property in my (and others) opinion it had gone too far. Not on the legal facet, but on the personal. I think you will notice that now, as you have dropped all this, you will get your customers back. Not those who purchase pirated software, you would never have had them as legit customers. If they couldn't get it cheaper or for free they wouldn't buy it at all. 

My very first advanced addon was the P-47 from A2A. I was 14 or 15, barely legal to purchase anything and had downloaded it somewhere on the internet. For free. ripped, pirated. I absolutely wasn't aware what I had actually done. Then I found out about the great community at the A2A forums and their great support and that I had actually stolen a product... When I noticed this, I think I was about 17, I asked my father to purchase it with his credit card. What I mean by telling this is that with a good support, a friendly and comfortable forum environment and all above with trust (A2A have no restrictions on their products and their business goes on pretty well too, despite "free" downloads on the net) you will notice that YOUR business with such amazing addons will survive those hackers out there.

After that, maybe the more important economical thing: I'll get the 319 from you.



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Florian Niklas

I must admit, I was very worried about what had happened. On the one hand because these things actually went much too far, but on the other hand because I was worried that FlightSimLabs would not be able to continue their work and have to cease their business. 

I really hope that FSLabs have learned their lesson and that they'll concentrate on working on their products instead of trying to fight piracy in such a manner (as many of us know: It's just useless).

I think the announcement of @Lefteris Kalamaras is a big step forward and has encouraged me to continue to support their products in the future.

I wish FSLabs all the best and i also want to say: Thank you!

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Malcolm Rouse

Fantastic update from FSL . The guys above have said it all .  

May i ask , Are there any plans in the future To Have Global Flight Operations Support  and shared cockpit feature ? . 


Thank you . 

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46 minutes ago, Malcolm Rouse said:

May i ask , Are there any plans in the future To Have Global Flight Operations Support  and shared cockpit feature ? . 


From what I’ve heard from Andy, shared cockpit is certainly in the roadmap but with no set timeframe at this time. No word on GFO, though.

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Bulent Eroglu

Going to be off topic but I had a question regarding one of the A320 change logs



    - FM:
    - Fix for NAV->HDG downgrade crash bug
    - RNP translation fixed (requires updated nav database)
    - OPT FL during CRZ CLB/CRZ DES fix
    - Pause at TOD now at 20nm before TOD

What do they mean requires updated nav database? We have to wait for Aerosoft to update it to 1807? 

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Just now, Bulent Eroglu said:

Going to be off topic but I had a question regarding one of the A320 change logs


What do they mean requires updated nav database? We have to wait for Aerosoft to update it to 1807? 

This is how I understand it too. Aerosoft and Navigraph will probably have to update their output for the FSL Airbus. Not a big deal actually.

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An updated db will be required. Most probably there will be a new revision of 1806 from Aerosoft and Navigraph.

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Sam Britner

Happy to say that I think Lefteris is (finally) making a step in the right direction. Well done.

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Markus Burkhard
4 minutes ago, NilsUnger said:

What does this actually mean operation wise? Will the bus be RNP capable (as I understand it is not at this moment)? 

No, our aircraft is not yet equipped for RNP-AR. RNAV GNSS approaches only right now. However RNP-AR is firmly on our roadmap, even though the majority of real A320 are not yet equipped for this either.

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Regarding the announcement about the new licensing, I wholeheartedly love and support this, despite never having had any issues.   One question,  how can we help in the fight against those who steal that which we pay for.  Should I send you links to anything I find on the Internet?  I'm quite happy to do this and it is something I've done worth Leonardo.  Whilst there product is still available on that site, hopefully they can use the info.

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