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A320X or Concorde X

Dave Rogers

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Dave Rogers

I have seen these two products and it looks great!

But, which one should I get?

I love gauges and displays, but i'm debating on which one.

Any suggestions?

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Jonathan Fong

The question boils down to - what sort of flight do you want to fly?

Concorde is a long-range aircraft with the flight time of a short-range aircraft. You'll mostly be flying transatlantic routes plus perhaps some other miscellaneous routes here and there, mostly over water due to the aircraft's sonic boom clearance. There will be a tough learning curve - Concorde is not a novice's plane and there are LOTS of things you will need to learn and/or re-learn, even if you're an experienced pilot.

The A320 is a short-range aircraft. You'll mostly be flying shorter hops across continents and/or companies. Its systems are mostly automated. so it won't be much harder to learn than equivalent modern airliners (e.g. 737NG) and will be far less challenging than Concorde.

Which do you prefer?

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Norman Blackburn

Another factor to consider is which sim do you have?

The 320X is available for FSX - boxed and steam, P3Dv3 and v4.1 / 4.2  Concorde is not yet available for v4 and will be a new purchase.

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Dimitris T

Concorde is a pain in the behind to setup for a flight. There's no fmc and you have to use a card reading system from ye-old times which can only hold up to 9 waypoints, before having to load up the next card mid-flight. Forget about maps and modern displays. If you want to be realistic, forget about going supersonic over land. The textures are kinda low-res. Loads of 2-d panels. The worst part is that I can't play it on the 64-bit p3d. On the plus side, you can cross the Atlantic in 3.5 hours at close to 2 mach and 60000ft, if you want to stay on the pc for that long.

A320 is a joy. Looks great, it's a very modern aircraft, top of the line displays, very automated and easy to land in any runway. It's my go-to aircraft for a quick and fun flights.


Concorde is great but quirky, A320 is very fun.

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Ray Proudfoot

Ask yourself if you’d rather have a Ford Focus (A320) with moderate acceleration or a Ferrari (Concorde) with acceleration that will take your breath away.

Rotates 80mph faster than an Airbus with full reheat, cruises 2.5 times faster and descends at up to 6000fpm without any complaints from the pax. At Mach 2 you travel 23 miles a minute. An Airbus or Boeing manages 9. It’s as if the sim is on 2.5x accel except it isn’t. That’s how fast Concorde is.

Concorde overtakes a Boeing 747 cruising at M0.85 at 750mph. The Boeing passengers must think their aircraft has stopped! :P

Do you want to be in the slow lane all your life or live like the rich and famous flying the world’s most iconic passenger aircraft?

Depart from London to New York at the same time as a 747, land, refuel and land back in London before that 747 has landed in New York.

Oh, and take off from London an hour after sunset and watch it rise in the west before you reach JFK. Concorde travels faster than the earth rotates. :D

Convinced? :D

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