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[Resolved] John Green

John Green

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Having paid a considerable amount for FSlabs A320, I am disappointed in the restriction of access to liveries etc: SEE BELOW:


Sorry, there is a problem

You are not allowed to download that file.

Error code: 1D161/3

This means that currently, I am unable to fly certain schedules with my VA.




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1 hour ago, julian schotting said:

I am registered purchaser of FSLabs A320  payware and have an account with FSLabs Forum. I followed the suggestion you posted and went to the support desk to lodge a ticket. I logged in to the Support Ticket System but I was told once again "ACCESS NOT ALLOWED" even though my username and account details were showing at the top right hand corner of the page. This is not right! I have never had this type of customer treatment with any other purchase. Will I be able to use third party liveries seeing I'm not allowed to use yours?




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7 minutes ago, JOHN_G said:


You need to verify your A320 purchase via your profile in settings. Also please change your name to your full real name. No support is given without either one of those. Also without that you won't be able to acces the A320 subforum and the liveries. @julian schotting was trying to make you aware of that ;)


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8 hours ago, JOHN_G said:


If you purchased the software, you will have no problems verifying your product. Just follow the steps above, wait 5 minutes and you will be good to go.

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