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Support tickets not being looked at


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i raised a ticket a month ago due to issues with spotlights that never got answered and then yesterday very early I raised a refund request that as of yet is still unanswered. I see others seem to get a good turnaround in ticket times so can only assume I’m doing something wrong? Can anyone help? Ticket numbers are: -

109756 refund 

377090 spotlight issue (which can obviously now be closed in light of refund request)




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Bulent Eroglu
59 minutes ago, John Barnes said:

Paul. Your ticket will receive the attention. However i can only tell you that the attempt is to deal with them in a 24 to 48 hour timeline. Please be patient.

Mine has been well over 48 hours and I am still waiting, any idea whats going on?

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I haven't seen a response to my ticket either(169114) and I sent it in last Friday. But it seems that people that have sent ticket requests for refunds have gotten replies quicker. c'mon fslabs.

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I have been accepted as being registered and I have an account but when I try to download any liveries, I get the following:

Sorry, there is a problem

You are not allowed to download that file.

Error code: 1D161/3

I've already downloaded Spotlights, so what's the problem in downloading liveries? They are an essential for my VA!

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You have to register your purchase to the forum to be able to download liveries. You will find instructions here: 


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