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Software Optimisation at First Start

Daniel Martinez

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Daniel Martinez

When running Fslabs A320 for the first time we get this options 

RECOMMENDED ACTIONS Each of these proposed changes can be deselected if desired. 

Currently using SSAA – SSAA is a performance killer for most systems when using dynamic lighting. The user may switch to MSAA using this drop-down menu. FXAA enabled on higher res monitor – FXAA has a big performance impact on high-resolution screens when using dynamic lighting. It will be disabled by selecting this action item. Affinity mask set on Prepar3D.cfg – If an affinity mask tweak is used with an unsuitable setting for the system, this action will recommend removing it in order to have more calculation power available for P3D. Optimise FSLabs products CPU usage policy – This option optimises the CPU core usage of the A320-X software according to the CPU configuration available. This will only affect FSLabs own files and will not change any P3D settings. 

I made my choices however i want to revert and choose none and i do not know how to or what to do to revert as for the first time  can someone please let me kmow how


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