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Two Days of Utter Frustration

Ian McPhail

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V4.2 and the update to FSL 320 have caused nothing but grief to me.  I acknowledge that others seem to have no problems.

For a time I got nothing but black and blank instruments, then after installing Spotlight it seemingly got worse.  Everything loaded except the last message:

Loading Aircraft Resources (FSL_A32XX.dll)..

Stops about half way and advances no further, even after leaving it alone for an half hour.

Have reverted to 4.1 and will try and find the version of FSL320 that worked in that sim.

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Relieved by reverting to v4.1 and installing .215 FSLabs,  There is no question that it may be my system, but it allows me to enjoy this fine aircraft.

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I don't know if you had FSUIPC 5 installed but it was a problem on p3d v4.2.

With FSUIPC 5 installed i get very very very bad performance at 4.2 and sometimes error like yours. After install the beta version all the troubles got fixed.


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