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FSX vs Prepar3D v4

Kevin Taylor

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Good Evening All, I am new to the forum and new to FlightSim. I currently use FSX but am considering moving to P#D V4. Looking for opinions and some direction. As i have not yet made any add on purchases. It seems to me that it would make sense to make the move before doing so as I understand that FSX is no longer being supported.  Also, is it necessary to purchase the professional version of V4 for someone with no plans to use it for real life training or would the academic version be sufficient. I welcome and thank you for your opinions and input. 



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Lefteris Kalamaras


FSX is an obsolete 32-bit platform that came out in 2006 and stopped being supported in 2007. We strongly recommend Prepar3D v4. You can visit their site to decide for yourself what version of that you'd be asked to purchase. The licensing differences are clear, the underlying product is essentially the same (except for Pro Plus, which allows military functionality plus other similar items).

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Markus Burkhard


adding to what Lefteris has said, even if you should have a not so new PC system for use with flightsims, getting the latest P3D will still be the MUCH better move. Even for older systems P3D v4 can use the hardware you have in a much better way than FSX ever could. 

Welcome to the world of PC based flight simulation! :)

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