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Possible EFB Tablet?

David Norfolk

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David Norfolk


i'm just curious to know if an EFB tablet would be an idea for the a320? most airlines use them on the a320s nowadays & it would be a cool little gadget to have in the cockpit mounted on the window like the real ones & you're able to click on it to hide it. i know an FCOM isn't possible due to copyright but what about if it could load PDF files onto for checklists etc?  Just an idea^_^

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Alexandre Kubatko


I think that the team has other priorities than adding things that don't belong to the original aircraft. Despite that fact, it would (I assume) take away performances anyways and that's not what they have been trying to do the last few months.

Although I don't think this will ever gonna happen, I can only spot downsides:

The PDF quality will anyways depend on your sim's quality.

About checklists, I like to have the checklist on paper format IRL since you can read through the checklist and check in your VC at the same time, very convenient.

And if you want that virtual tablet aswell for charts, well I aswell like to see where I'm going or to zoom on the MCDU while I check if the restrictions of arrivals/departures are met on my IRL tablet. It's the very same thing for taxiing, very convenient to have the tablet IRL.


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This is a great idea, specially for VR flyers. There is a competing product for XP11 with a Tablet that has a web-browser integrated into it. It is great to access Navigraph charts right from your cockpit.

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