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A small present to the team!

Johannes Beck

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Johannes Beck

Hello everyone,

as a bright year for flight simulation is about to end, I just want to leave some thoughts here.

Lacking technical progress of the existing flightsim platforms over the past few years forced me to lose any interest in virtual aviation. But as someone who thought of flight simming as a dying branch in the world of computer "games", I am absolutely overwhelmed by the year 2017. The release of Prepar3D v4 aswell as X-Plane 11 gave me high hopes that one day, virtual planes would use the insane resources of recent technologies again. But I also armed myself with patience, as I knew it would not be easy for any addon developers to jump onto the train. I thought "maybe in mid 2018 you could see first releases utilising the new capabilities."

But then, there was Flightsimlabs:

When the team first announced that it will bring my favorite aircraft to P3D v4, I have was overwhelmed. But again, I was aware patience would be my companion for the coming months. And sure it was a hard time waiting for it, but OH BOY was it worth it! The product you released a few months ago beats any other aircraft ever known in the flightsim world! Systems simulated down to the last detail, sounds immersive just like you would inside the bird, models looking sharper then the original... you all know the endless list of awesomeness.


So why am I writing this?

I want to say thank you to the team of Flightsimlabs! Thank you that you did not stop where others have failed. Thank you for spending many hours of your lifetime creating this state of the art aircraft.

And I want to say thank you to the awesome community, which creates top notch content, sharing it for free to us all, and helps keeping up the high quality FSLabs stands for by reporting any details slipping through the hands of the hard working beta team.


Besides the fair amount of - not always polite - criticism, I'd like the team to know that there are many understanding people who love and support your work just as you do it!

And whoever is reading this right now: Feel free to join me and use this thread to send some positivity over to the hard working team. ^_^


Have a merry christmas (or whatever you are celebrating) and a happy new and promising year 2018 everyone!


And now excuse me, please - boarding is completed... ;)

Kind regards


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