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Will Burgess

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Hi , Im looking at setting up specific buttons to my saitek throttle quadrant and im having no luck and was wondering if anyone has made a thread about how to set it up or someone can tell me in this thread. Would be very grateful.


Thanks , Will

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First of all please change your forum name to your real name & surname as per the forum rules.

Regarding FSUIPC you go to the Buttons & Switches tab, press the button you wish to program on your hardware, it appears as button numbers xx and you assign to it either a keyboard shortcut or a specific FS function. You have to make sure that these buttons are removed from the button assignments in P3D otherwise you will have buttons performing two functions at the same time. Its pretty simple if you get the hang of it. Even if you mess things up you can just delete FSUIPC.ini  and start over. ;) 

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Just attempted this and it dose not work. Manged to get all my axis working no problem but not the programming of buttons. The buttons I am trying to assign are autopilot disconnect , landing lights , strobe lights , taxi lights , beacon and runway turnoff. -_- 

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A/P disconnect is Z or Autopilot Master. A/T disconnect is Ctrl+R. For the rest you can not use the default commands because the only apply to default aircraft. What you can do is get LINDA from the AVSIM forums and the relevant A320X module that includes a lot of the functions you want and program through that.


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