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Hello,  To help you out I  am 80years of age and have been flight simming for many years without too many problems with other developers products.  On 22.11.17 I took the plunge and purchased your FSX A320.  I have two monitors, one showing the product and the other showing the Installation instructions which makes it easier to implement the installation, or so I thought.  when the aircraft is at the threshold with the engines supposed to be running, the virtual cockpit is totally devoid of instruments and the outside view shows the aircraft without undercarriage. I think this data will  suffice meantime.  I purchased the product via Paypal who imposed a payment delay after delivery until 6.12.17 of 99.48GBP. In view of this is this preventing the aircraft from fully Installing.  I hope you understand my predicament and any help would be appreciated.  Regards. Richard Welsh (Kosie)

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Hello Norman,  If this is feasible and workable I  would be grateful.  If using my email address was more suitable I enclose - .  Richard Welsh (Kosie).

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Norman Blackburn

Richard I will send you a private message.  In the meantime again please take a look at this link.   


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