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Concorde X disk?


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Hi all. So I'm on the verge of buying Concorde X. I realise it won't be updated to P3D V4, but I will be doing an FSX install alongside it too, so I can still have aircraft like Concorde X.

Anyway, back on topic, I've realised that Concorde X is a lot cheaper from Aerosoft than it is from FlightSimLabs themselves, which seems odd. The purchase direct from the FlightSimLabs website seems to be download though, while Aerosoft ships it on a disk. Does this mean that I will not be able to update the aircraft if it is updated? And also would it ship with the latest version of the aircraft?

I'm just very tempted as it's currently €30 (40% discount) from Aerosoft while it's $80 (~€69) from FlightSimLabs. Wondering about anybodies opinions on this.


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5 hours ago, JacobTheFox said:

I realise it won't be updated to P3D V4

Please do not state this, there is as far as I know no firm commitment on the Concorde, it may happen it may also not. 


5 hours ago, JacobTheFox said:

Does this mean that I will not be able to update the aircraft if it is updated?

No idea, only time will tell.

At this moment it's a risk to buy the concorde for FSX and gamble that it will be updated to P3D V4, keep that in mind. It's your own call to jump on the deal or not.

Personally I do not own the Concorde, but from what I have heard it's a great airplane to fly ^_^. If it's like the A320 it's well worth paying twice for it, if it comes to V4.



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Yes, it is a great airplane to fly. Right now it is in limbo mode, there's no word on its future, no guarantee. Take that into account if you chose to buy it now.

I hope the team does something with it instead of letting it rot like pmdg did with the md11. Can you imagine a new 64bit concorde, with the same technology powering the A320? 4k textures, the same sound engine, spotlight, every switch in 3d, wow.

I really need a classic airliner. An a300/727/747-200/dc-9/dc-10 :(

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