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Nvidia Driver 388.13

Brad Zimmer

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Does anyone have any experience running the new 388.13 driver and seeing better results over any of the previous drivers?  Curious if it is worth a download and install for the bus in 4.1

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Martin Martinov

Was on the good ol' 378 when yesterday this was forced on me by the Fall Creators update. Last night did a test flight EETN to UUEE in bad weather. I got 5-10FPS more than what I was usually seeing. Smooth 30-40FPS overall with FTX Europe and generously placed sliders.. Looks promising. 

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Frederic Nadot

I used to fly with the 376.33 but the NAV lights did not work correctly. I have installed the 388.31 yesterday, all is OK now. No frame rate improvement noticed.

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