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GTX 970 and i7 7700k?

Jack Vince

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Hi all, 

could anyone who runs this setup or knows more about tech than me shed some light on the performance this CPU and GPU combination would give with v 4.1 at family reasonable settings(medium to high) while using the A320. The 970 would just be a stop gap until I can get a 1080. My current setup is the 970 with an i5 4460 and 8GB of RAM.


Thanks all :)


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J0hannes Butz

Hi, I run an i5 7600K @4.5Ghz and previously used a Gigabyte GTX 970. In my system the CPU stayed at around 60-80% load while the GPU usually ran between 95-100% load. To be hones I was really satisfied with my system's performance and only upgrade my graphics card to use the dynamic lighting option.

To me your specs look OK to achieve smooth frames at medium to high detail, when balanced out correctly.

I've explained my settings and how I went about them in this thread:


and I'd highly recommend you to check out this very important thread about setting balancing for your system:


Also make sure to read and apply the AVSIM settings guide for P3D according to your system's performance. As far as I've seen it happen on my system the CPU was "bottlenecked" by the GTX 970, so I eased settings on GPU intensive tasks and bumped up CPU tasks as suggested in the guide and had a very good "performance to eye-candy rate" at smooth frames.


In addition if you're an ASP4 user I've been testing some settings to achieve a good visuals to performance ratio and compiled my experiences here:


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