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Thanks for your marvelous A320 and support team

Rubén Fernández

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Rubén Fernández

I would like to say thank you to FSlabs for its marvelous product and kick the ass of some haters. I bought the product in January for P3Dv3 version and now I upgraded to P3Dv4 free of charge (excellent job).

I had some issues, opened a ticket and the answered was quick and useful. Finally it was a problem with a third party product (sorry FSlabs my mistake), and now I can enjoy my A320.

I am a Airbus A320 real pilot and I can say with any doubt that this A320 is simply awesome and realistic. With the implementation of the secondary flight plan, now I can train the engine failure and other abnormal procedures as real as possible.

keep going!!

Thanks a lot

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Agustin Castro

Hola Rubén, encantado de saludarte por aquí. Yes, no doubt this is an awesome plane !!!!

Have you found information (in some hidden folder jejeje) relative to abnormal procedures, failures etc? I can´t find anything about this, only the checklists, normal procedures, tutorial..... 


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