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Dominik Fabianowski

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Dominik Fabianowski


I am really unsatisfied with the product. It is buggy and always get CTDs. Sometimes my sound is missing or my P3dv4 is crashing. I investigate the forum for some solutions but it is still not a satisfaction to fly with it. It looks like the Airbus also messed up my P3dv4. 140$ is a lot of money. Is there any refund available?

I hope this topic won#t be delete it. I´m just asking friendly.



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Norman Blackburn

Hi Dominik,

There is no refund available as stated on the run up to your purchase.  We are of course here to assist you getting things working properly.  You can either write a support ticket or post in the forums so that support - or members can help you.

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Norman Blackburn

Dominik you will need to create an account at the ticket centre - the two systems are not connected.


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