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Looking at the GTX 1070... But which one??

Lars Hajema

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As the title suggest, I have a GTX760 atm. It has done it's work for four years now, it can handle P3D V4 with the bus at 30 FPS, but with dynamic lighting or bad weather it just can't take it anymore. Looking at the 1070 as next card. I'm not looking for a huge improvement over the 760, but I am wondering which one I should take since the price differs per card (MSI, ASUS etc)

Anyone any experience with the 1070 and which ones I should avoid when buying one?



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Nicolas Matus

I have the EVGA GTX 1070 Founders Edition, and by far is the best frames per buck GPU at the moment.

You should find that the GTX 1070's FTW or FTW2 are really great.



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I have the strix , great card extremely quite and ramps up to 2000mhz without me doing anything. Just don't expect miracles. I have x3 monitors at 1080p with all the core  addons running it's not perfect but jeez we have come along way for the better, fltsim sim has never been better !, cheers phil

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