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Hello everyone, i know you have heard about this problem, but i read all the post about this problem and i don't undertand anything.

My problem is that when i load the Concordex, the first time it appears with the panel in black, like bugs. then the second and the other times i load de Concorde on FSX, it crash at 4%. I read that the problem is a upgrade of windows10 (i have windows10) but i don't know how to fix the problem, the post didn't say anithing how to unistall the upgrade or something like that. 

This post is my last hope to find a solution, if somebody who know how to reapir it, like @Gareth Moore can help me i will be very happy, thank you.

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Ray Proudfoot

Please follow the instructions in this post. 

And please use your real name in the forum. Site rule. ;)

The Windows 10 update causing the problem has been discussed on a few topics. But as Windows will attempt to reinstall it I’m not sure how it can be solved long term. Others may be able to help. I have Windows 7 which has not been a problem.

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