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Weird texture patches

Paolo Basta

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Dear All.

First of all thanks yo so much for this fantastic and amazing product,

i cant wait to put my hands on the baby A319.

I just wanted to say that on all the Liveries 1.2 as updated on Sunday for P3D V4.1

if you look carefully on the belly of the aircraft or around the gear box there are 2 or 3 weird patches or 

texture and that is on all liveries .

Will this be fixed in the near future as in looks not right thanks 

Regards Paolo.

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Hi Norman.

Thanks for your reply, i sent you a couple of screenshots i hope if i got it right.

One is just near the nose gear its like  like a square,and the other two are located just by the man landing gear quite big ones.

Thanks again Norman and they are on all liveries 1.2. Also don't you thing all liveries are a bit to shiny?

cheers Paolo. 


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