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Congratulations on v4.1 A320 release

Ian McPhail

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Warmest congratulations on the completion of this version.  I have downloaded and installed the aircraft without issue or problem so far.  As it is late Australian time, I will try a flight tomorrow, but attempt to read the manuals beforehand!

Livery installation and navdata I have still to discover.  External flightplanning via a planner I don't have will add some cost unless the P3D native planner can do the job. All to discover in the next few days.

But again I say, congratulations.

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However, second impressions, the add-on is very hard on frames compared to PMDG, Aerosoft CRJ and even the TFDI Design.

Can this be checked out for future updates?

If it is fixed then I will need to start dumbing down my v41, which I suppose is OK as I will concentrate on flying the aircraft and not the expensive world around me that I have purchased and installed.


















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Norman Blackburn
1 minute ago, Speedbird1399 said:

Is the fsx sp1 released yet

No not yet.  Whilst waiting please take a moment to update your forum name to be your real name.  Thanks.

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I have after some self-induced trauma installed and made one flight with v.215.

I haven't dumbed down my settings yet, but there was a noticeable improvement in framerates.  I know that is unscientific but it does at least say I noticed the change.

My rig is big, with lots of grunt.

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