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How to Prevent Being Indexed By Search Engines.


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Marcel Semelka


1. Don't use your real name, if you don't want to be affiliated with something that you use on the internet.

2. If the service demands real name usage, and you don't want to be affiliated with it, like here, don't use the service.


Kind of logical to me.


If Google already has indexed your posts on here, it's usually already too late. Even if FSL is kind enough to delete your account and posts, Google needs a lot of time to recognize that they are gone or sometime doesn't remove them at all.


On the other hand, what is so bad being affiliated with flight simulation? I've had job interviews that asked me about that, and were facinated how complex this hobby is and how I still do my hobby after more than 10 years, while being only 25 years old.

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You will have noticed that some members use their names and also use underscores or other to prevent the same thing you are talking about

This is acceptable for our rules.

Best Regards

J_o_h_n  B_a_r_n_e_s. ;)

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