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New Computer-Software transfer

Austin Johnson

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Austin Johnson


As i posted before, I was planning to buy a computer. I finally found a good one and ordered it from Amazon and it will arrive October 16-20. Currently on the old system i have FSX:SE and the A320 with ASN. What i was planning to do is when my new system comes arrives, is purchasing P3D V4 and putting a updated ASN on there as well as updating the A320. I was planning to remove the a320 from the FSX:SE and putting it on the new computer as a P3DV4 upgrade. I noticed that i cant get any upgrade path to work. I was gonna buy the P3D version and install it when the new computer arrives.

If this dosent work, I may have to download steam on the new computer and just use it under that and erase it off the old computer. Can somebody provide guidance on how to upgrade to the P3D version.


Austin Johnson

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Norman Blackburn

Hi Austin,

I am sure your new PC will be worth the wait.  In regards to upgrading from FSX to P3D, this option was available for quite a few months until a couple of days ago.   The only method now is by making a new purchase.

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Sang Hyun Yoon


Since your new PC will be based on v4, I would strongly suggest, you keep old computer just for FSX SE, 

and a new computer for P3D v4 installed them on separate machine.   I don't want  FSX installed on a new computer since, software couldn't match catch up on latest hardware.  

If you want to test your new PC to FSX SE and FSLAB, go ahead, but I would rather put into latest p3d (v4) into new rig.



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