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upgraded to 1600x

Sang Hyun Yoon

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Sang Hyun Yoon



I was using a core i5 Haswell system built 4 years ago, and finally made transition to AMD ryzen series.

This is my first time using AMD Processors, and I must say, they are really fast and runs very well in almost any games in these days.

I haven't tested FSLAB A320 , since update hasn't been release to v4.1 yet , but so far, I am loving with the system. 

Everything was set to default and I just play around with HDR . That's it. 

My GPU is GTX 960 and proably I am thinking upgrading either 1080 or 1060.  Personally, for FSX or P3D, I think you can use almost 

any CPU if you want, the important part is your GPU.   

 took a screenshot of the normal gameplay in p3d.  Hope this helps.   I think I understand why people praise about 1600x .  

By the way,  I am gonna build a 2nd PC just for FSX.  or it could be STEAM/Stream gaming for Ryzen 3.   







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Sang Hyun Yoon

mainly , I havent catched up on hardware these days  since I am in kind of software field, 

but looked at the price at gtx and  omg ....and gtx 1080 cost like half of it 1060 

 :huh:...I dont have problem playing with gtx 960....they are fine 

but sometimes I have to play in mid option in battle field....

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Ray Proudfoot

I have a GTX1080 and run Concorde in P3D v3.4. But crucially, I run at 1920*1080. If you plan to run at 3840*2160 (4K) then the graphics card will become even more important. There is bound to be a fps hit at 4K but I couldn't tell you how much.

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Sang Hyun Yoon

With all your recommendation, I was able to get gtx 1080. 

to me, from gtx 960 to 1080 is way good upgrade. ofcourse 1080ti

performs better they cost almost 40% more with 40 percent performance 

improvement.  for now I am satisified with 1080.  

I have played them on 4.1 they run extremely smooth, I never played 

p3d smooth like this before.  B)







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