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A time to remember!

Steve Prowse

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Hi Steve,

I assume that this is some sort of attempt to get FSL to address the Concorde issue, again. As far as I can tell anyway, who knows frankly.

If you're suggesting that Andy is sitting pretty in his £5m mansion because a few years ago he wrote a piece of software that a few people bought you're sorely mistaken. It's perfectly clear what their position is, it's probably time for you to firstly accept it, then to accept you can't change it, you'll be much happier as a result.

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Steve Prowse

Hi Dan,

Long time no hear, no I wasn’t, in this particular case, thinking about Concorde.  You are probably aware in a few days time P3D v4.1 will be hitting the hard drives.  I thought it would be nice to reflect on our roots as flight simmers.  Microsoft planted those trees Dan, for me flightsim 95......here we are now in 2017 with a 64 bit flightsim.  How things have changed and long may we all continue to enjoy this passion for flightsim and aviation.  Indeed ‘A time to remember’.

All the very best mate.

Take a look back....


@Peter Pukhnoy  I do hope my brief explanation clears up any confusion you had.  Cheers



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Steve Prowse

Hey Dan.... no worries mate;  yeah not many days to go now before v4.1.  I'm just waiting for the Majestic Q4  v4.1, I know you're a fan too.  But really with ORBX etc v4 is brilliant even though I've only got some GAs at the moment, and bloody good they are too, particularly this one PA-44 Seminole,  still it is good to be flying low and slow for a change.;)

Cheers for now



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