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hello every one im new here and i like to talk about the a320 for fslabs

the mcdu isn't completed and and not so original like the real one there are somethings missing , also i had to make an fsx se separated from the acceleration to put the fslabs in it , it turns out that the fslabs appcrashes   if there is a pmdg product even if uninstall the pmdg it still appcrashes so i had to uninstall and reinstall the fsx se and reinstall the fslabs again so it works, i have to say that the fslabs is much more better then the black box or aerosoft but the mcdu lacks somethings 

i wish fslabs can make an update the mcdu to original one ,also i wish they would consider making new projects airbuses like the a330-a340-a350 and a380 , but also to make new texters for the a320 like the a320 neo also to upgrade the cockpit for the a320 like the message  display panel above the mcdu 


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Maybe you should have a read around the forum before starting your very first post with criticism?

You may even find some of the matters you have mentioned in there somewhere.

If you own the product then you need to follow the advice on the post below.


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