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Can't Load my A320... Flight sim not found

Ray Taylor

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Please excuse me using a new topic here.

I am new to FS Labs and have recently purchased the A320 for P3D. I am hoping beyond hope that I have bought a product that is compatible with P3Dv4. However, when I try to install the product the only flight sim that shows on the second info box is P3d v3 upto 3.4... and this is greyed out. I cant get beyond this point then. I have registered to be on the forum, I have verified the product within the 'support ticket' section of the forum (although this gives me an access denied message and I have now run out of attempts). I am certain that I am doing something wrong somewhere but if my mistake is that I have bought a product that is not compatible then that is the loss of £143.

I may be doing something completely wrong but please excuse me... I have recently crashed on my bicycle, am nursing a broken elbow, on painkillers and struggling... hence the delay from purchase to trying to load the product.

Thank you for any advice... from anyone


PS... even if I get this sorted I cant fly it for a few weeks... can't use my joystick :(

FSLabs issue.JPG

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Norman Blackburn

Hi Ray,

From the purchase screen (my bold):

Compatible with all FSX editions (Steam included) as well as Lockheed Martin’s

Prepar3D, from v3.3.5 until v3.4 Hotfix 3!

As you can see there is no mention of P3D v4 since it is not yet compatible. .  Good luck however as we are currently testing with v4 so hopefully not much longer of a wait.  The best part is that unlike some other A320 offerings, we won't be charging an upgrade fee.

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Thank you for your swift replies. I don't know how I missed the compatibility information but at least I know at some point the product will be. I'm a patient man and don't mind waiting for quality :D

Best regards


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