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Hello to everybody !

Peter Kaemmerer

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Peter Kaemmerer

First of all i want to say hello to everyone.

I am new in this community and already found helpfull hints and interesting Topics.

I fly with the FSX for many years and prefere the Airbus for my flights.

After Wilco and Aerosoft A319 i bought me the FSLabs A320 now and i must say that i am very impressed.

Compared to all the busses i flew before the FSLabs 320 is absolutely amazing.

A few "Bugs" i noticed will be surely fixed with upcoming Hotfixes and updates.

The plane behaves really natural and authentic. i know what i am talking about.

There are only some few Problems i still Need to solve ...... hopefully with your help.


1.  Even after reading the Topics in the Forum i still have Problems to configure the throttle of the plane.

All of my changes made in the Options and throttle menue of the fmc work ok, but not perfect.

It is not possible for me to find the correct detents for CL and FLX.  Pulling back the throttle from FLX to Climb after

take off always results in a back and forth until i finally found the CL, coz all the detends are so Close to eachother even if i gave

them a range of 10.

I have a Thrustmaster Hotas X installed . I dont do reverse on stick. i use a button for the reverse.

I have FSUIPC in a registered Version, but dont really know how to use it .


2. I still have to find out the correct Settings for the Brakes.

Maybe somebody knows a good Setting. At the Moment i have it set as :  0.60, 0.60, ON, 1.00.  But that seems to be not the 

perfect choice.   For so many weeks now i try and try but nothing really works good.


3.  The rudders are sooooo sensitive.  i use them for stearing the plane on the ground.  i have the sticky button activated (,)

and in FSX i put the Settings of the rudder sensitivity on 0 (!),  but the rudder is still overacting and ist very difficult to stear the

plane on the ground, even if i never taxi faster than 10 knots.


Maybe you can help me solving those Problems. Im sorry if i should have put my first post in a different Folder, but as i am new here

i will still learn.

By the way, a Special greeting and thank you to "Lefti", who helped me so professional with my Registration Problems.


I hope to hear from you and cant wait to do my next flight in the great FSLabs 320.




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J0hannes Butz
1 hour ago, Peter Kaemmerer said:

i still have Problems to configure the throttle of the plane

did you configure your throttles with the recommended settings for your sim/fsuipc provided in the manual of the A320? Your problem 1 & 3 are most likely caused by your controls not being set correctly.

I don't use FSUIPC, so I can't tell you how to use it, but maybe consult the manual for that first - or what I typically do watch this tutorial: 


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Peter Kaemmerer

Hi Johannes,

i will carefully watch this Video and will try to do my Settings via the FSUIPC.


Thanks very much for the link and for your help.





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