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Any news since 2 months now?

Iñigo Bayo

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Hello everyone,

I am sorry but I cant agree that we have 2 months now without any news about 320 update for P3Dv4.

I am not asking about a date and I know that information will be given when exists but al least what I find in other support forums is an interaction with clients letting them know at least how things are going. Because we are clients. 

I am not the first person losing illusion and faith in this product and deinstalled just waiting for a never ending update. I have seen comments in forums and YouTube about people jumping to v4 and instead of keeping v3 installed just for 320, letting it rest and enjoying with new addons.

Sorry if any information was given recently and I didn’t see it but I use to check forums at least once a week.

Best regards and take this comment and personal opinion with the same respect that I try to transmit. 


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Norman Blackburn

Hi Iñigo 

As you can imagine work continues.  When we are able to give a further update you will be sure that we shall.


Best regards

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