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support ticket password

Guy Noel

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I should want to open a new support ticket but my forum password.

I have already post a support ticket, how can I retreive my password?

sorry for my poor english.

Guy Noel

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Hello, Mr Kalamaras,

I refer to our correspondence concerning the use of "inappropriate language" and the use of an Alias-Name in the Forum.

I apologize for allegedly having violated the forum rules. This was not done intentionally, but was probably due to the fact that I cannot read and write in English very well.

May I now ask you for advice in another matter. For some time I cannot sign in to the Support desk. Maybe I use the wrong password. I don't need support right now, but I want to be ready if any problems arise.

I would be very grateful if you could help me.

Kind regards

P. Grigo

PS: The above Post was translated by Google Translator.

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Norman Blackburn

Hello Paul


The forum and the ticket system are not connected.  Whilst you can use the same logon details you would need to create an account at the support forum first


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