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Concorde flying from CDG

Cameron Slater

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Cameron Slater

Apologies if this is in the wrong thread, for some reason I wasn't able to directly comment in the Concorde forum..

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had any info on Concorde Air France operations from CDG. I'm ashamed to admit that my AF Concordes have been lacking in my attention for a few years but I decided to get the Aerosoft CDG (reasonable price) so that I had a realistic base to fly from. 


Does anyone know what gates the AF Concordes could usually be found out and can anyone describe the correct departures used while operating there..





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Lefteris Kalamaras

In order to post in the Concorde forum, you need to validate your purchase and change to your real name, as per the announcement:


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Cameron Slater

Apologies I must admit I haven't visited for a while, I bought the boxed version of Concorde X back in 2010 and I can't find that order number, would it be possible to use the order number given to me when I purchased the last Concorde update?

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I remember flying the Concorde from CDG to JFK in early 1999 and we left from Terminal 2A using the gate (A18?) closest to terminal 2C.  I believe that it was the regular gate for Concorde flights as there was a dedicated lounge giving direct access to the jetway.  On nice touch was that they were taking your coats (it was winter) when entering the lounge and storing them directly in the aircraft.  That return Concorde flight JFK-CDG-JFK was one of the best investment that I made with my Air France frequent flyer miles



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