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P3D and VR Insight Products

Roger Flitter

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Roger Flitter

Some Guidance Please!

I am considering migrating from FSX to P3D Version 4 (64bit).  I have the benefit of a high spec PC including Graphics Card running Windows 10.  Has anyone successfully integrated the MCP Combo and CDU Panels with P3D aircraft?  Having invested up to now quite a lot in FSX this is a key factor in my deliberations.  Again, I'd be grateful for any information on this or even plans to update the drivers.

Many thanks

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Miguel Leandro

Good day Sir!

I'm using P3d since second version with vrinsight combos and cdus.

With Fslabs you can use your mcp combo via Linda software but at this moment there's no SDK so you don't have many funcionalities.

When Flabs release the SDK we will start to use advanced keypress, CDU, ect...


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Roger Flitter

Thank you for your prompt reply Miguel.  I already run my MCP Panel through FSX/LINDA so the path to P3D looks straightforward although there may be some further development needed.  Thanks again.

Roger F

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