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Concorde X and P3D V4


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I bought Concorde X for P3D version 3.4 and now I updated simulator to P3D V4. Installer doesn't recognize the new simulator.

Will FSLabs update the installer for Concorde X to P3D v4?

Best regards,


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Ray Proudfoot


You nerd to read the Announcement from Lefteris. Until work on the A320 is finished it's impossible to say if Concorde will be converted to 64-bit. All us Concorde owners are keeping our fingers crossed.


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Hi, Ray,

I'm not "nerd"!!! (Hope it is an error).

Honestly, I was thinking I bought Concorde X by 100€ (with VAT included) and to "die" in my aircraft meseum because as a read in the forum maybe it will not be adapted to P3D V4...

I have other aircraft (mainly from PMDG) and they are releasing patches to correct from 32 to 64 bits and everything is going fine. Other developpers too.

I really love Concorde and I'll wait for some good news. Hope so. If not, I'll never buy anything from your company. Even Concorde X for P3D V3.4 was not working as fine as it should. Sent to FSLabs an e-mail about that and never received an answer...

But "I'll not die" because Concorde X, of course. Someone will release it sooner or later.

Best regards,


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Ray Proudfoot

Hi Vasco,

You bought ConcordeX for P3D v1-3. We all dearly want a version for P3D v4 but the team have limited resources and are concentrating all their efforts on the A320. Once that is released I would hope they will look at Concorde and see how much work is involved.

Concorde also relies on a 3rd party utility - the INS - and that also needs converting to 64-bit. The author has downloaded the SDK and is investigating how much work is involved. If he can produce an INS in 64-bit that will undoubtedly help the FSL team.

We just have to be patient and wait. If you have a problem with Concorde in P3D v3 then post a topic and we'll see if we can help.

Regarding your final statement. No-one else will produce a version of Concorde for P3D v4. There's very little expertise of that aircraft outside FSL. It's down to them and them alone.

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Romain Roux
4 hours ago, SparrowVasco said:

Sent to FSLabs an e-mail about that and never received an answer...


It is very unusual for developers to provide support by emails. PMDG and FSL both provide support by forum and tickets only.

Best you have to do is to register your copy of Concorde in your forum account and submit a ticket or post in the relevant Concorde forum. It is the most effective way to get some help.

I understand your frustration but you cannot blame a developer for not answering if you use the wrong mean.

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Steve Browne

Hi gents, ive been away from simming for a couple of years, spent way too much time on vatsim flying "speedbird 262"  across the pond quite frequently,  a very challeging and serious business! !

I am considering returning to flying the concorde again with all new pc high end hardware and just updating myself with all the advances in software over the past couple of years.  I can remember having constant head aches regarding

all the different add ons out of "sync" with one another,  so causing compatability issues ......... first thing I read recently p3d v4 is out , also aerosoft announces singapore airport coming out soon aswell.......imagine flying an updated 64bit concorde with improved cockpit visuals.... a real world concorde destination in 64bit p3d v4  etc etc ..I think I can speak for most fans , I would be willing to pay 3 times the original price  for that!!!  :-)

It would be worse than tragic if concorde was left behind and forgotten....heres hoping for  a p3d  v4 version ! ! !      ;-)


Speedbird 262

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