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Problem with Scenery loading times in P3d v4

Jannis Gwk

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Jannis Gwk


I have a huge problem with my Scenery loading times. I did a flight from 

EHAM to EDDM 10 min after T/o my ground textures are very blurry. 

As you can see on final in EDDM it is terrible.

My PC-Specs: I7 4770K 4.3Ghz, Nvidia GTX 780 Ti, Samsung SSD for P3d, and DDR3 RAM.

My question would a GTX 1080, I7 7700K and DDR4 Ram improve the loading times? (it is better when I didn't need to spend money :) )

I am using ORBX Global, Europe, and Germany North. 

Thank you in advance.



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Lefteris Kalamaras


we are flattered that you are asking in our forum, but that aircraft does not look like any of our fleet, to be honest :D. Perhaps asking in that "other" forum might be a good idea? (just sayin' ).

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Lefteris Kalamares,

I think I posted it in the General Forum. But it doesn't matter what aircraft this is. When you want I can black out the cockpit for you. :) 

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Axel Bianchi

Hi from France Jannis,

I had the same problem with p3d on a gtx 970 and 4770S i7 processor, now I have the gtx 1080ti, i7 7700K at 4,75 GHz and 16 GB RAM at 3300 MHz and I have no problem with the scenery loading, I think you should buy a new graphic card and a new processor. 

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