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FSX to P3D V4

Tim Vancauwenbergh

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Tim Vancauwenbergh

Hello all,


I just would like to be confirmed on this. The P3D V4 announcement/roadmap stated:  


Once the P3Dv4 A320-X is released, the upgrade discount path from FSX into P3D (any version) will be discontinued.

So it means it is cheaper for us now to buy the upgrade to P3D V3 from FSX, as this will become unfortunately impossible for V4+?


Kind regards



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Norman Blackburn

That is correct.  Once the 64 bit version is released the opportunity to avail of the discount will no longer be available.

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Gerald Krutsch

Yes! At this day if you own the FSX version you can upgrade to the P3D version paying only the difference. After FSL releases the new installer / version to natively support P3D V4, you will no longer be able to get that version as an upgrade. If you will want it, you will have to pay the full price for P3D.

So if you plan to go for P3D V4 it would save you some buks (a lot actually) if you upgrade now since if you then own the P3D version already, you will get the V4 version for free.

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Tim Vancauwenbergh

Okay thank you, not 100% sure yet if I will do the transistion now but certainly on the long term. Anyway then I already have a great aircraft available to test :)

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Denis Kosbeck

when i read in the announcement that in the future the focus will be on the 64 bit version getting the upgrade before i even buy P3Dv4 was a no brainer to me!


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