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P3d AI traffic

Brad Zimmer

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Brad Zimmer

I know that generally speaking AI traffic huts performance but does anyone know of anything out there that gets you static traffic at airports when flying online?  I only fly online but it gets boring flying into busy airports with my plane being the only one there.  Any ideas?

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Rafal Haczek

Static aircraft also influence performance.

They are part of the scenery if the developer decides to include this feature.
Most airport sceneries do not feature static aircraft today.
Examples of those which do could be some FlyTampa or ORBX products.

If you fly on-line though, having static aircraft parked at stands will give you unwanted problems like on-line aircraft parking on the static ones.

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Benjamin Beyer

You could try PSXSEECONtraffic. This tool injects live traffic, but it is not possible to use online traffic and live traffic at the same time. It does not have an performance/VAS-impact.

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