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Airbus official licensing

Ju_li_en Ke_ml_er

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Ju_li_en Ke_ml_er



Looks like airbus is changing its strategy with the flightsim community.

I hope its not a simple PR move but will translate in some technical collaboration between airbus and add-on developers meaning less guess work and reverse engineering from the developers and even  more accurate representation of the airbus family and its systems for the simmers.

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Eric P L O U V I N

Well after announcing this, if Airbus does not get in touch with FSLabs... I'll put on my fanboy cap and posit that it is the level of detail put in the FSL320 that prompted Airbus to make steps towards the serious simmer industry. Pure conjecture on my part, I know.

Anyway, the possibilities this kind of cooperation offers would only benefit us if it panned out, so well done on all fronts. Reminds me of the ATR sponsorship of another product, which turned out just fine.




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Ju_li_en Ke_ml_er

they already gave the license to aerosft.

I think its more about protecting their image than ensuring quality.

I only hope its not only a way to extort money from developers but that it will translate in some kind of technical help too.



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Lefteris Kalamaras


we appreciate your genuine interest on this matter. We are exploring all avenues and possibilities on this topic, but it's not a topic that should be open for public discussion.

Thank you for understanding.

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