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[Resolved] Can't download liveries

Eliott Sarrut

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Eliott Sarrut

Hello. My name is Eliott. I cant download any liveries because I don't have access to when I click on download. Help please ! They say I'm not allowed :


Sorry, there is a problem

You are not allowed to download that file.

Error code: 1D161/3

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Norman S Bowman


If you want assistance please fill out a support ticket as no support is available in this forum from the developers. 

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Go to Profile-> Account Settings and add validate Order ID and Registration #. After validation, you can download.

However, I must say that the error message presented on the downloads screen is quite uninformative.

Note to Support: The error message could say 'Please Check your Account Settings'. That would save everyone a lot of head scratching as the current message looks like a system error :)

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