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Norman S Bowman

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Norman S Bowman

Hi Guys,

Over on the AVSIM P3D forum a thread has been started which,according to the information given seems to throw the future of this great aircraft into some doubt.

As many of us read these forums will the developers either confirm or deny the story as I am sure that all of your customers will be concerned by the posters statement which quotes a name from the team!

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Konstantinos Kioussis

Well, the are a lot of bugs indeed fixed since the last public release. 

like this one 

Actually fixed from a "stopped"/"frozen" state :P. There are a few stuff pending ATM, and some other already fixed.
We are extremely busy in the background as you can understand. There are more to come and you will know in time. 

Regarding the post in AVSIM. There was conversation discussing business/financial reality in Greece, piracy etc. He is completely misreading tthat, i hope not intentionally. 


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Wayne Klockner

Likely the moderators have already deleted it.

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Karl Brooker

Just to make this explicitly clear: the thread on AvSim was garbage. Someone misunderstood a conversation and then went crazy in their ideas of FSL. FSL is fine, the A320X is still in development, it is still being updated etc etc.

We're working on methods to improve our update processes, as well as working towards SP1, on top of all the usual bug fixes etc. If you think we've gone a little quiet, then please don't worry. Everyone's nose is to the grindstone, and looking at our internal bug tracker I see things being marked as resolved. :) 

Hope that's clear enough!

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Let me add a small 0.02 - the person starting that thread has been known to deliberately create misinformation as he's holding a grudge towards us for being banned for abusive and disrespectful behavior in our forums in the past. He has attempted to create many duplicate accounts since but they've all been deleted (as they would be). His latest attempt is this fun at AVSIM. Thankfully, Jim and the other forum administrators there are also very quick to discover and uncloak such attempts. We are very thankful towards them for keeping the decorum required among civilized people and not turning AVSIM into an arena for people who have nothing better to do than that.

As for our future - thank you all for your continued support! We're doing very well, soon we'll have some very cool news to share with all :).

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