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Are there new rules on being able to post?

Ray Proudfoot

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Ray Proudfoot

A good friend has advised me he is unable to post in these forums as he doesn't have the latest version of one of your aircraft. I can't see any announcements about this rule. Is this being enforced?

If so then perhaps an announcement might help. But as he is a valuable contributor maybe an exception can be made? No names as I don't wish to embarrass him.

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Ray Proudfoot

No mention in that about Concorde customers. At the very least please place a message in the Concorde sub-forum so we can be aware of the new rules.

My friend uses his real name so that is not the issue. I know he has Concorde-X so why the problem?

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Karl Brooker

Ray, see below from Lefteris. If this matches him, this is the reason for being unable to post (well, he is unable to post because he can't verify his Concorde-X purchase):

On 3/18/2017 at 3:27 PM, Lefteris Kalamaras said:

We are tracking an issue with older Concorde purchases that had esellerate download protection service added... We'll let everyone know when it's fixed. 

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Dear all,

the small issue with verification of older Concorde-X products when eSellerate download protection was also purchased is now fixed. Please try it again if you couldn't verify your product in the past few days.

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Damon Morrison

I am logged into the forum and I went to my account details to register my A320 purchase but the system could not find my order (#ST712779419).  Even more bizarrely I tried to login into the ticket system to make a report and it would not let me post a ticket.  Why would it not recognize me after I logged into the forum system is strange.  Very confusing!  Can you guys figure my situation out?


Damon Morrison

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Norman Blackburn
3 hours ago, Damon Morrison said:

Further question.  How is it possible to log into the forum and not be able to log into the ticket system with the same login credentials? 

By this do you mean:

1.  My forum login details don't work for making a ticket


2.  I have made an account for the ticket and it won't work?

Note that the forum and the ticket system are two different logins.


Screenshot 2017-03-22 11.49.49.png

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Damon Morrison

Ok.  I did not realize two separate login accounts were required.  A bit of a hassle but I will set up another account with the ticket system.

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