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Permanent forum log outs

S_r_d_a_n  K_o_s_t_i_c

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S_r_d_a_n  K_o_s_t_i_c

Is anyone else getting logged out after a very short time, seems only couple of hours.

Previously, before the whole thing with displayname and verification started, I usually never had to re-login. It was always saved. Only rarely had to re-login.

Now, each couple of hours might be that I have to log in again, definitely each day. It's only with the browser, not with the Tapatalk.

Cleared by fsl cookies, nothing else changed though. Other forums remain logged in since days now.

Anyone else experiencing the same thing, any ideas what's going on?


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S_r_d_a_n  K_o_s_t_i_c

Well, I've been using Firefox for years now, and only experienced log outs usually after some time (days, weeks, or random), my guess is server restart or something.

Also a week ago, nothing changed on my config, only FSLabs changed the naming and registration policy.

Not pointing fingers or anything, just looking to fix it, as it's rather annoying.

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