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Signature images - is there a max size?

Ray Proudfoot

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Ray Proudfoot

I am trying to attach a jpg to my signature but have been unable to load a file. Instead, the only thing that seems to work is if I host it on my Dropbox account and create a link.

Is there a maximum size for images hosted by FS Labs? The message when I try to attach one is not really helpful. It just says there has been a problem.

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Dear Ray,

we generally only allow images we created to be part of your signature - we do allow what you suggested, however, as that way the bandwidth for the image is paid for by Dropbox instead. - Think about it: Otherwise, we'd be providing the bandwidth for any old image advertising any old product any old developer would want to support... not quite that fair.

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Ray Proudfoot

Hi Lefteris,

Ramon has just advised me that you do accept png files so I shall use that format instead.

CPS-X is not any old product as I'm sure you agree. I do agree that FS Labs shouldn't have to host any sized image but I don't think that's been a problem here.

Whilst I have your ear can you ask Andrew if he has time to help Pierre with the info he requested? Thanks,

LATER: No, you don't allow png files either but as they're even larger than jpg it doesn't matter. I'll host it on Dropbox.

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