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Flight Planning - Maps, Route Weather

Brad Zimmer

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Brad Zimmer

Currently I use Navigraph for my charts on my iPad when I am flying.  Is there something that would allow me to enter my flight plan and show it on an interactive map with weather?  Or is Navigraph able to do this?  I'd prefer to use my iPad but if there is something I can use on a PC that works too.  I've seen it on YouTube but can't figure out what application it is.  I can pull up charts, and maps on Navigraph, but not full flight route with my flightplan.  Thanks!

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Have you tried the FltPlan Go app for the iPad? It has a weather layer and multiple map types, charts, too long to list. Best of all...its free!

Mainly for US base flyers.

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S_r_d_a_n  K_o_s_t_i_c

Not sure about weather display, but check Aivlasoft EFB. However, IMO, to get the most realistic display of your weather and fpl, you will want to use whatever AS16 provides, since AS16 also makes the weather.

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Steve Prowse
3 hours ago, John Barnes said:

I use Aviasoft EFB and have gotten to like it. Moving map/charts/weather. Its quite a good package and can be run on a network.

Yeah I must agree with JB, I've been using Aviasoft since its release;  it truly is an excellent add on.  You can also use AS weather with it.  For me it's a must have.

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