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VRInsight MCP Combo 2


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Hi not sure i'm asking in the right place. I have just got the combo 2 but having problems installing the software I get an error message

C:\Program Files (x86)\VRInsight\bin\inst_Panel.exe

CreateProcess failed; code 2

The system cannot find the file specified

Can anyone help please

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Günter Steiner

Hello nando,


you need a registered (paid) copy of FSUIPC, LINDA itself is freeware.


You have to install FSUIPC.

Then LINDA and then the FSLabs A320 module for LINDA


LINDA and the module has to be copied into the modules folder you have after installing FSUIPC.

Unfortunately FSLabs does not want to release a SDK, so the are not as many functions in the LINDA module as it could be, so I would call it beta.

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Hernando Gonzalez Echeverr


thank you very much, I've paid a years ago for fsuipc. do you Know if the autopilot works with the Saitek panels? using LINDA... 

It would be one of the main and interesting features for me installing LINDA.

I appreciate the time you take to solve my doubts.


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Günter Steiner

In general, yes.

But I can't guarantee that it works for 100% with the bus and do show what it should.


I do not have a Saitek Panel, therefore I can't say.

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