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So. I ordered and installed the A320, P3D-version a few hours after it was released, and I have to admit that I felt the same frustration, disbelief and disappointment that I have read about in so many negative threads and comments here on the forums.

I got a brand new computer for the sole purpose of flight simming and geez, did those thousands of Euros feel badly spent. But instead of loosing it, I read post after post here on the forums. With extremly bad computer skills (even though I have been simming since FS98) I started testing (starting with extremly low settings as p3d settings file Airbus1) and after a while I actually went beyond my own comfort zone of giving up at "Thank god, I could turn off the engines before OOM, thus giving me Vairline-credits" and I continued until I am now at the point of having tweaked my own computer and flightsim platform into something that looks A LOT better (Matt Davies quality) than it did before, but now I am also able to do at least five legs around Europe without OOM and I can even fly into London  and back again without any problems. And I finally have those streamer on youtube-FPS of around 40 in VC.

So not only do I want to thank you all at Fslabs for creating an awesome product, but I also want to thank everyone in these forums for all the tips and tweaks that you are handing out. My sim would not have gotten this delish as it is now. My tip then? Read the forums, ofc RTFM, and then start your settings at extreme low and work your way upwards. Every computer has its own quirk and it needs its own tweak. I am now at p3d settings file Airbus13 and I have just started to raise the sliders even further and yes some of them are at Ultra. Its just that some of the sliders can be turned almost all the way down without you noticing any difference - that is up to you and your computer and You can do it, it just takes some time! And trust me you are going to love it!


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Heres another tip; If you turn your monitor refresh rate to 30HZ and limit your frames to 30fps in Nvidia Inspector, you'll get the smoothest sim you have ever seen. Matt Davies said it yesterday i think during a stream. 

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