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I am hoping someone could make a tweak utility for P3D able to access more than 4GB ram.

Sang Hyun Yoon

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Sang Hyun Yoon


We know we have big issues on VAS and most likely we are talking VAS on how FSlab a320 could effect on P3D. 

I did clean install OS - and fresh install Prepar3d and load default

 aircraft with MININUM setting(means scenery-lightning everything sets to low and a320 installation texture of 512)

and still my VAS bar usages upto 35%.  when loading fslab a320 aircraft it loads upto 60%. 

thankly, I never install other 3rd party scenery and I know someone was keep complaining with 3rd party installed,

they see upto 90% lol . 

I recently heard LM is hiring some programmers which I believe they will start working on 64bit version, because I believe

many users are complaining on OOM problems.  That is kind of software limited we have available right now.    

I believe this has nothing to do with FSlab A320 software. I think Fslab team has one of the finest team I've ever seen in FS community.

  If we just can get to see 64bit version,things will be quiet different....


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There is no way to make a 32-bit program access more than 4GB of RAM. No tweak, update or patch - it is a technical limitation. As the others have pointed out, a 64-bit platform is the only way.

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