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What version of P3D?

Ian Kalter

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Will the A320X work on any version of P3D? I was thinking about reverting back to 3.3.5. Will the A320X work or does it have to be the newest hotfix? Thanks. 

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Just now, Bob L said:

It will run on P3D v3.3.5

Thanks for the reply Bob. During FSL's internal testing, did they find any particular version to be better over the rest? 

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Both versions of P3D v3.3.5 and v3.4 have memory management issues...You can see this by reviewing the P3D Forums.   FSLabs does NOT recommend a specific version.  But as a simmer...if I were having performance issues with a specific version I would install the other version for comparison purposes...

You also need to take into consideration your add-ons and sim settings.  See this pdf for our recommended P3D settings, with one caveat...regarding Orbx Vector...the document states to disable Vector..but you may want to try this setting based on one of our team members testing results -


"Here's my settings for Vector. They disable all the VAS and FPS eating stuff but leaving enough of the type you actually see from inside an airliner cockpit: Coastlines, highways, major roads, railway lines and bridges. "





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I read that document already. I was just trying to figure out what version of v3 would be best before I installed the Airbus. I have a SimstarterNG profile specifically for the A320 in FSX and I stopped using Vector in both sims a long time ago because of its VAS footprint. 

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