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Dead HDD

Mykel Talab

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Evening all, 

Today was quite unfortunate as I was looking forward to installing the newly released update patch for the FSLABS A320x. To my surprise once I fired up my PC, I heard the dreaded "click, click, click" coming from my HDD. My HDD has only several games on it, and mainly for FSX and all it's addons that make the FSX world more enjoyable. 
Now since I cannot access any of the data from my dead HDD would there be an issue when I reinstall FSX along with fslabs A320x? 
I have already taken off the program installation in the windows control panel section along with the liveries etc. Some addon sceneries came up with "Invalid F:drive". 
If there's anyone who has come across this unfortunate issue (dead HDD) where they weren't able to access any of the data and went ahead with installing all their addons again without a hitch, it would be nice to have some pointers. 

My OS is W10 and that's on an SSD. 


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Lefteris Kalamaras

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

It should normally not be an issue for the A320-X, if you encounter any activation problems, please let our support staff know and we'll take care of them for you.

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Yeah, just one of those day. Ok cheers for putting my mind at ease Lefteris :) 


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It didn't recognise it in the bios after I turned my PC back on, then booting into windows I only saw my main OS drive and a secondary SSD. That HDD is extra toasty for sure. Good thing is it only had a good bulk of my games and all my FSX addons (thank goodness for downloads) and no important documents on it. 
Reinstalling fsx all over will be quite a chore. I have managed to uninstall all of my addons via the windows control panel and also ran the "repair" feature since I tried to uninstall fsx straight off the bat it kep coming up with an error "Invalid Drive", so had to pop in Disk 1 run the repair option and then uninstalled it and it's good to go. 
The Fslabs 320x is uninstalled as well, so as Lefteris mentioned fingers crossed there shouldn't be any issues when I get round to reinstalling the bus :)
Will have a look at spinrite anyway, but I am not desperate need to get the data back; although the thought of losing stuff is quite a downer. 


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